Cosmic Drift a five part graphic novel about two sisters whose lives get intertwined with the affairs of the gods. There are the Norse gods, Odin and his youngest sons Vali and Vidar, who are trying to establish their religion on earth. There are the earth bound gods that are committed to protecting the earth and it’s inhabitants. There are other gods who feel that earth is a lost cause and should be left to destroy itself. The story follows Stella and her search for her sister Sandra.

I wrote this story because I wanted to explore the idea of what various gods might be up to in a modern context. As in old mythological tales, the gods are not always enlightened and have their own agendas that humans are subjected to. Through writing it, I also pondered some cosmic issues, such as the value of human life, as well as of the preciousness of this earth and how it is being degraded.

As for myself, I went to art school, and eventually got a degree in psychology, art and addiction studies. I am interested in how creativity can aid in healing ourselves and the planet. I am also interested in philosophy, eastern and western, but particularly Buddhist.

This is my first graphic novel and I am learning the process of storytelling as I go. The illustrations, lettering and layout are also done by myself. This has been a lot of work and any feedback, either positive or negative is welcome. I appreciate your time and curiosity.

Joaquin Fagan


2 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Joaquin,
    I really love what you are writing/drawing/exploring here. It seems to be a sampling of what will become more coherent, but it is interesting and I really love your illustrations. Reading what you have here makes me want to read more and see what these ideas are when they become fleshed out. Thanks for sharing, I am really excited to see what you make!

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